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    Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA)

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    Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA) Empty Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA)

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    Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA) Screenss

    Galanet have been trying to hide this software
    from the public eyes, but now here it is.
    Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4.

    Made on: 21 September 2009
    Made by: Veltron Inject team.
    Work with: Original and PRivate servers.
    Last test: 26 September 2009 (WORKED)
    Now used by: 230 users (27 september 2009)

    Low people have downloaded it, this has just been launched on the internet.

    Size: 1MB

    Note: This software has no virus, you can scan it if you want,and
    while in use you can be sure galanet will not detected, you wont get banned
    by using this software, unless you abuse of this, No LOG IN required to use this software,
    like the most part of those SCAMS your find on youtube, all it does is inject an amount of scripts into
    the flyff.exe process, bypassing GameGuard.

    With this software you can:

    (on official servers)
    *- Lagger (GLITCH)
    *- Player Kicker
    *- Auto-Shout
    *- Auto-Feed
    ON private servers:
    -Penya & Teleport hack.
    -Server Crasher.

    How it works:

    -All you have to do is Click on the connect button,
    select the cheats you want to enable. and then click inject.
    After that, open flyff.
    And during the game use the following commands:

    /glitch 10 seconds - You will lag for 10 seconds and it will give you
    the effect of teleport.
    /glitch - Drag and drop this command to F4 for example,and while
    you press F4, you will be lagging.
    /xkick nameofplayer - you must insert the name of the player on
    nameofplayer and that player will be disconnected.
    /ashout Hellow youtube 30 - will auto shout Hellow youtube for 30
    /afeed - will auto feed your pet.
    /disafeed - will desactivate afeed command.

    Penya & Teleport hack:
    /givpenya 3 x 500000000 - you get 3 bils.
    /tele zone 1 - teleport to the near town.
    /tele zone 2 - teleport to flaris
    /tele zone 3 - teleport to saint moning
    /tele zone 4 - teleport to darkon
    /tele zone 1b - teleport to Garden
    /tele zone x3 - teleport to CW cage
    /tele zone axi - teleport to azria.
    /tele zone gsi - teleport to guild siege arena.
    /tele zone ar7 - teleport to arena.

    Server Crasher:

    /str.file.%C%.autorun -f 11000 - use this command about
    5 times to crash the server.

    Veltron team also says that soon on the new version there will be improved features.
    Download Links:



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    Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA) Empty Re: Veltron Flyff Injector v1.4(BETA)

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